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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Making Him A Helper

All Saints Anglican Church:  Some People Are Gay - Get Over It - Love God

Josh Sanders:  Athlete, Christian And Gay

The Reformation Project

The NALT Christians Project

Ukrainian Church Leaders Reject Gay Rights

Pope Francis - Lighten Up On All The Gay Talk . . . .And Other Stuff

UMC Judicial Council Considers Procedural Validity Of 2013 Resolutions Concerning Homosexuality

Reinterpret Scriptures Or Reform The Church

Christian Students Stand By Their Gay Friends and Oppose School Administration

Christian Couple Looses Home Over Gay Legal Case

Creators of "The Bible" Give The Pope A Thumbs Up On Lightening Up On The Gay Talk

Azusa Pacific University Professor - H. Adam Ackley P.HD. - Christian, Transsexual, Teacher And Living Out Her Biblical Faith

NALT:  Anti-Gay Stance Is Against Scriptures

8th Circuit Court Of Appeals Allows Bibles To Be Distributed During Gay Pride Event

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Passionately Defends The Rights Of THIB Folks

Archbishop John C. Nienstedt:  The Father Of Lies (Satan) Is Behind All The Gays. . .And Other Stuff

"When Gays Come Home", Canadian Celibate Christian, Tells Her Story In Spite Of Protesters

Father Paul Check - Chastity, Homosexuality And Just A LOT Of Words

The Vicar Prayed For My Mum's Terrible, Terrible Gayness

FUMC, Lancaster, PA, Embrace Lancaster Moderates A Pro-Gay Marriage Panel

Does God Actually Create Transgendered Sons And Daughters?

Another State "Okays" Gary Marriage - New Jersey

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