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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Amplify "Live, Love, Lead":  Gay Asian Christian Conference!

Boy Scouts DROPPED By Three Churches In Texas

Cast Out - Why Gays Are Twice As Likely Not To Have A Religious Affiliation?

Southern Baptist Convention Strongly Opposes Boy Scouts Of America

Christian Reformed Church Synod Reconsiders Its Stance On Gay People

MAJOR ARCHBISHOP SVIATOSLAV SHEVCHUK (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church):  Homosexual Behavior Calls to Heaven For Vengeance

Church Of God Offers Alternative To Boy Scouts Of America Programming

LENWORTH ANGLIN (Church Of God - Jamaica):  The Church Will Continue To Vigorously Oppose Homosexuals And Changes to Buggery Laws

More Churches Dropping Boy Scouts Of America Programming

Gay Lobby Looms Inside The Vatican - What!!!???  Gays In Leadership Of Catholic Church?  Shocking!  (No really)

Liberty University Enrolls Openly Gay Seminary Student

FATHER SHANNON KEARNS (Trans Man):  The Need For A Fresh Conversation Within The Church On Homosexuality

REV SUSAN RUSSELL:  Questions And Answers About Homosexuality And Christian Faith

Scripture Pick-N-Choosers

It's Time to Rethink Attitudes Allowing Same-Sex Couples To Marry, As Christians Did With Slavery

Church Of England No Longer Opposes Gay Marriage Bill

How Does A Gay Anglican Clergy(UK) Prove That He Is Celibate While In A Partnership?

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